Who We Are

Global Innovators was launched by Patrick Dixon and Ravi Dua in 2015 as a spin-out from Global Change Ltd, the highly successful global trends, forecasting and consulting company started in 1996, with a comprehensive client list – companies such as Google, Microsoft, General Electric, Siemens, Samsung, Bank of America, Airbus, BP, Exxon Mobil, Aviva, Prudential, Ford, Unilever, GSK and Philips.

The focus of Global Innovators is the innovator as a person rather than just the innovation itself. Serial entrepreneurs are the life-blood of the future global economy. They invent new processes, create new business models and can transform entire industries. Serial entrepreneurs are constantly developing new ideas, concepts, products and services. Serial entrepreneurs work best when they have highly talented people around them, in teams which can translate their innovations into commercial reality, helping them create a series of highly successful businesses, often working towards sale or joint venture or some other exit.

Global Innovators’ aim is usually to accelerate growth towards exit. The company provides strategic input, mentoring, coaching and leadership insight, as well as access to specialist advice from a community of experts – on issues ranging from competitor analysis to cash flow forecasting, branding and online marketing, legal and accounting issues or effective fund-raising and so on. The model is to partner with clients / entrepreneurs in long term relationships.

Global Innovators is advising or involved informally in a number of different companies based in the UK, Switzerland, US and Asia, with highly innovative products or services, each with global potential.

The Global Innovators “pipeline” of new companies and highly innovative products or services is growing rapidly, and around this has developed an “ecosystem” of specialist advisors, potential funders and deal-fixers.