The Team

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Patrick Dixon is author of 16 books on the future including Building a Better Business and The Future of Almost Everything. He is also founder and Chairman of the global trends company Global Change LtdHis speciality area is trend analysis, consumer trends and strategy consulting.  A serial entrepreneur himself, his first company was an IT startup in 1979 called Medicom Ltd, using the world’s first desktops to deliver medical services ranging from patient records to diagnostics and laboratory reporting – a physician by first training. He has worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs, at various stages from start-up to running international companies.



Ravi Dua has had many years experience working with multinationals in many different industries as clients of Ernst & Young, and then with a wide range of early-stage and rapidly growing companies, transitioning them to the next stage, including stabilisation, restructuring,
private sale / float / exit.  Ravi’s areas of expertise include mentoring entrepreneurs, financial control and cash management, fund-raising, deal-making and guiding organisations through rapid transitions.